Domestic Issues


PLJA is against sex trafficking and against the legalization of prostitution. 

We believe helping Puerto Rico is not only our responsibility but a necessity. 

PLJA believes we must call out domestic terrorism.

Women’s Rights


Instead of legalizing prostitution we believe by increasing civil liberties including yearly wage increases for all, affordable housing, free education including college for all, and free healthcare for all, women will have the resources they need to pursue pathways that bring them fufilment and happiness. 

Puerto Rico must be treated as another state, or must be allowed to pursue its own independence. The devastation and suffering Puerto Ricans underwent with Hurricane Maria, and continue to experience with every additional earthquake, means rebuilding and getting necessary supplies such as water and food is extremely urgent. Puerto Rico’s high debt does not allow Puerto Ricans to rebuild as so much tax money goes to paying off debt. Large corporations come in during difficult times and take advantage of the situations people are in. 

By limiting the power White nationalist groups have we can protect those they target. We must enforce terrorism laws against Americans who act agasint other Americans.

We believe women deserve the right  to equal wages, equal job opportunities, and all rights’ to their own bodies. We are pro-choice, and not becasue we do not believe in protecting children, but because we believe the women carrying those children, have a right as well! #MyBodyMyChoice


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