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The People for Liberty and Justice for All is a non politically affiliated PAC helping to support a variety of causes for social justice and human rights. We promote #Democracy #Transparency and #PeoplePowered movements. Our goal is to make PAC's accessible to th everyone and help others start their own!



Our biggest goal is to promote progressive candidates who support #Democracy, #Justice, and #HumanRights. We support #Liberty #DemocraticSocialism and #FreedomOfSpeech, as well as #JulianAssange, #FreePalestine, #HandsOffVenezuela, and #NoChildrenInCages.



2020 Election Year

PLJA is proud to endorse candidates who have similar values to our own. We currently support presidential candidates and local Illinois candidates.  In a true democracy, candidates running against incumbents are a welcomed challenge for incumbents to closely look at their own work and see if it is reflective of their constituents. Unfortunately, the current powers that be want to silence those candidates. Those are the ones we want to support, true progressive candidates, who understand holding a public office means being a public servant.


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People for Liberty and Justice for All upholds many core values, one of them being the fight for social justice where it is needed. We need to live in a society where people do not merely support progressive change, but fight for it. Read on to learn more about how you can get involved with The People for Liberty and Justice for All.

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People for Liberty and Justice for ALL

Paid for by People for Liberty and Justice for All. Not endorsed by any candidate or candidates committee.  Use of the name and likeness of any candidate or officeholder is for the purpose of this PACs political communication only and IN NO WAY indicates any authorization by, affiliation with, direction from, or endorsement by that person of any kind. Contributions from foreign nationals or entities are prohibited.


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